MDN New Client - One Call Dental + Doctor

New Client: One Call Dental + Doctor, Effective 9/1/15

Accepting Workers’ Compensation just got easier! One Call Dental + Doctor has selected the Maverest Dental Network as its participating dental network. One Call is the industry leader for dental claim management in the workers compensation space providing a streamlined solution to claims handlers and dental providers. Working with One Call is easy, they are your single point of contact for assistance in managing workers compensation injuries including, appointment scheduling, authorization of treatment, and prompt payment terms. Accidents that happen on the job are covered by Workers’ Compensation (WC) insurance. Workers’ Compensation (WC) Insurance is a highly regulated industry, with average authorized dental treatment cost of $2500/case. Specific WC protocols are enforced to evaluate, treat and compensate the providers that include forms and requirements that go above and beyond typical commercial dental insurance claims.

  • All providers must be credentialed in order to treat patients with a WC injury. Maverest will update any expired or missing credentials prior to treatment of the member.
  • It is imperative that all treatment plans that relate to the injury are submitted for pre-authorization prior to treatment.
  • If there is emergency palliative treatment required at the time of initial evaluation or beyond, immediate authorization must be obtained from One Call.
  • One Call pays 100% of the authorized procedures at the contracted fee.
  • Once treatment is completed and a clean claim with appropriate documentation is submitted to One Call, the claim will be paid at 100% of Maverest contracted fees for all previously authorized procedures in thirty (30) days.
Maverest participating providers submit claims to One Call with their USUAL FEE and, once processed, accept the Maverest contracted fees as payment in full.