MDN Announcement - Humana expands with Maverest to Medicare Advantage in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee

New Client: The Principal Financial Group, Effective 4/1/15, In Network (through Stratose)

Humana Dental partners with Maverest as part of their network in IN, OH and TN and includes us as in-network providers for their Medicare Advantage members. Human Gold Plus members carry ID cards with a designation on the back that indicates the benefit plan number (DENXXX). Although the medical portion of the plan may be an HMO, the dental portion is PPO and your Maverest contracted fees apply* for those patients’ covered benefits.

You can download the benefit plan details from our website and match them up to your Humana Gold Plus patients’ ID cards.

*If you are directly contracted with Humana Dental in IN, OH or TN, your Humana contract supersedes that of Maverest, so you must accept the Humana contracted fees for the Gold Plus patients.

Click the links below to download benefit plan details.

DEN 016
DEN 017
DEN 750
DEN 756
DEN 766
DEN 767
DEN 814
DEN 838
DEN 839
DEN 840
DEN 843
DEN 887
DEN 920

Click here to download Medicare ID Samples